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We use law incorporating the use of our integrity, resources, knowledge, experience, networking and communication skills for our clients’ satisfaction through their vindication, maximization of profits and minimization of costs.


Practice Areas

The two most common alternative dispute resolution methods available are arbitration and mediation. Both methods can help you settle your conflict and save you significant time and money, and we can help.
It is a common misconception that agreements are typically oral. If there arises a need to force compliance with an agreement, it’s important to know that certain agreements must be in writing to be enforceable.
Without an estate plan, state law dictates what happens to a person and their things when they no longer are able to. We can offer two types of simple and comprehensive plans to best represent your needs.
Collection of debt can be easy or complicated depending on the type and security of the debt. If a dispute arises, we can help ensure a seamless transition from collection to lawsuit to procure recovery.
As a property owner, it's in your best interest to be well-represented in commercial real estate law. That's where Howard M. Kahn PC can help by walking you through your upcoming transaction and helping it go off without a hitch.

Are you stressed with a business problem in Houston? A Houston Business Attorney, Disputes, Litigation, Contracts, should be able to help. My name is Howard M. Kahn, and your satisfaction is my top priority. My fees are reasonable.


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